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Have you heard about Fusid Cream that contains 40% fusidium?

Korea’s one and only! An ingredient intensively researched by a 100-year old pharmaceutical company for 42 years, FusidiumTM The cause of skin concerns is the weak strength of skin!If the … Read more

Why do you like Korean skin?

My skin is the most important! Why do you like Korean skin? I like Korean skin because it is often very clear, glowing, and even-toned. Korean skin also has a … Read more

Top 5 K-beauty brand soothing moisturizers & toners for irritated skin during changing seasons.

Pay attention to today’s post if you are concerned about irritated skin during changing seasons!Pay attention if you are looking for soothing moisturizers and toners effective for sufficient moisturization, skin … Read more

Today’s new product ㅣ The Goodal Soothing Cica After Shave Toner Pad For Man

Today’s new product ㅣ The Goodal Soothing Cica After Shave Toner Pad For Man

If you are a man with sensitive skin, please try using it once.A new product for the men who have the sensitive skin which has been receiving the stimulation because … Read more

Peripera Speedy Skinny Brow Cara Today’s new product

Today’s new product I Peripera Speedy Skinny Brow Cara

A new product came out from Peripera. It is, indeed, the Brow Cara! The color of my hair is a very bright brown color. Although, because the decolorization is not … Read more

Lip Care is the Key to the Charming Lips

Hello! This is leeej from Korea Skin Mall. Today, I’m going to talk about lip care for glamorous lips. Lips are important as they indicate your health status and a … Read more

There are Sunscreens Just for Hawaii!

Learn more about beach sunscreens with Korea Skin Mall!A summer must-have item! Yes, it’s the sun care product. Because sun screens are directly applied on to the skin, there are … Read more

Skincare Tips to Overcome the Changing Seasons

Hello, this is Leeej from Korea Skin Mall. The weather in Korea is now going up and down like a roller coaster. Branches that were bare just a week ago … Read more

Prevention and Treatment of Neck Lines

Erasing the unconcealable traces of time Do you know which area is often neglected yet easily seen? It’s the neck. To be precise, the creases. on. your. neck. If you … Read more

The Right Method to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Isn’t hairstyle one of the most significant things in making up the first impression? Basic hair care is essential to style your hair in a way that suits you well. … Read more