Fight against the comedonal acne! Cream paper pack for skin with pimples
The popular skin trouble care in Korea / Safe on sensitive skins

How do you get skin troubles

Our skin naturally produces oil when it feels dried. Sometimes oil is overproduced or dead skin cells block the pores to stop oil from being released, causing various skin troubles.

The comedonal acne occurs when excessive oil is produced but the dry skin causes dead skin cells to cover its surface, causing the oil underneath to clog pores. It takes long time and many efforts to deal with such skin troubles. There are other types of skin troubles like those cause by allergies, but over 80% of the skin trouble types are caused by the unbalance between the moisture and oil on the skin.

How to prevent acne!

1. Supply sufficient moisture
2. use oil moisturizer cream that does not block the pores.
(Caution – choosing a wrong moisturizer may cause more pimples, so make sure to check the ingredients!)
3. Regularly use skin peeling products

What can you do to soothe skin trouble by finding the right moisture-oil balance other than simply using the skin care products? Cream paper pack will offer you a solution.

Cream paper pack uses the mechanism of the oil paper, which functions as a production layer of oil that prevents nutrition from escaping from the skin. The oil paper creates a layer on the skin to enhance the absorption of water-soluble effective compounds and the catalysts of nutrition absorption. It basically returns the skin balance back to normal and reduces skin trouble by absorbing excess oil on the skin. (Caution – cream without absorption catalysts may block the pores to cause more pimples.)

Steps of using cream paper pack

  1. complete the basic skin care routine
  2. Apply cream on face
  3. Apply one more layer of the cream on the skin with troubles
    (cream amount should be in size of a green pea)
  4. Put a sheet of Natural Hemp Face Oil Blotting Paper on skin with troubles.
    (No film or powder type)
  5. Remove the oil paper after 5 minutes

Before using the cream paper pack, avoid using film-type or powder-type oil controller as such products tend to take away too much of oil from the skin, leaving it even more dried. The Natural Hemp Face Oil Blotting Paper avoids this and so is healthier for the skin.

It is advised to use the product with skin recovering cream. The functional creams that contain ceramide, panthenol, madecassoside and Asiatic pennywort extract are recommended. Above all, it is important to use products that contain oil (vegetable-originated squalane) that does not block the pores.

Paper pack recommended oil blotting paper!

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