Have you heard about Fusid Cream that contains 40% fusidium?
Image source – Fusid Cream site

Korea’s one and only! An ingredient intensively researched by a 100-year old pharmaceutical company for 42 years, FusidiumTM

The cause of skin concerns is the weak strength of skin!
If the skin becomes weak, elasticity is reduced and wrinkles appear easily. The density within the skin has to be strong for the skin to have the strength to support itself stably.

Deeper! PLUS+ Fusid Cream Plus for stronger skin care.

Fusid Cream is absorbed more quickly and deeply within the skin with a single-time use!
Absorption depth / absorption speed, 295% increased compared to Fusid Cream 1!

  • It can be used for daily care in the morning and evening, and you can experience changes in your skin the very next day.
  • Improvement of skin texture (smoothness) / Improvement of skin tone (brightness) / Improvement of skin radiance
  • P&K Skin Research Center Sep. 2022 / 22 persons
  • Comparison between before / after washing after 8-hour sleep, variation between facial part / temporary, individuals

The secret to skin radiance of Fusid Cream Plus is
content of 13 types of peptide
melanin care with stable vitamin C
content 40% of Fusidium TM
and the dual dive tech (Patent No.10-15294820, 10-2022230) that delivers to the outer and inner layers of skin.

With the dual dive tech, the absorption depth and absorption speed have increased by 295% (compared to Fusid Cream 1)

With the soft texture that melts with the temperature of the skin, it attaches to the skin densely so that you can feel the packed sense of finish without stickiness. Discover a new world of cream that you have never experienced before.

Are you concerned about using a functional product for your sensitive skin?
Fusid Cream made by DONGWHA PARM, that has persisted in Korea for 125 years
It is a cosmetic product that DONGWHA PHARM made without any negotiation to sustain for a long period rather than to respond to the latest trends. Fusid Cream has been dermatologically tested hypoallergenic skin care. It has also been confirmed to have skin calming effect for external stimulation.

How to use
! Use daily in the morning and evening after washing your face at the cream stage.

1) Apply to your entire face and neck!
2) Apply an amount that is the size of a walnut evenly to your face and neck according to the texture of your skin.
3) Apply once more to the skin area of your concern.
4) Reapply to areas in which you are concerned about wrinkles, whitening, and moisturization.