How to Quickly and Easily Check My Skin Type
How to Quickly and Easily Check My Skin Type

How exactly do you know your skin type?

You can broadly categorize skin types into dry, oily, and combination. As for me, I have dry skin that looks rough and prone to wrinkles due to low sebum secretion. Seoyon from Korea Skin Mall’s MD team has oily skin and a lot of sebum secretion. And JUN from the branding team has combination skin where it’s oily in forehead and nose while dry around the eyes and cheeks, and she often has pimples on her hairline and nose.

How to check your skin type : Prepare_ Mildly acidic foam cleanser, Oil Absorbing Tissues

How to check your skin type

Prepare] Mildly acidic foam cleanser, oil absorbing tissues

1) Wash your face with a mildly acidic foam cleanser.
2) After washing your face, wait for 2 hours without applying basic skincare products.
3) Check the amount of oil by placing an oil absorbing tissues on the entire face.

If you have dry skin like me, there would be almost no oil coming out from your entire face, and the oil on the paper will be close to none. If you have oily skin, there will be a lot of oil on the oil absorbing paper overall. Anyone should be able to tell the difference in the amount of oil between dry skin and oily skin at a glance.

Then, what about combination skin? Combination skin has different amounts of oil only in certain areas. It is usually categorized into T-zone and U-zone. Sometimes, people confuse combination skin and normal skin, but combination refers to the skin in which dry and oily skin types appear in different areas. However, normal skin is different than that. People with normal skins are naturally born with good skin, like those with soft skins like babies. Normal skin also has sebaceous glands but produces only a certain amount of sebum, so it has a good skin balance with always clean and moist skin. (It’s so-called young skin.)

So far, we have learned the easy way to find out your skin type. Was it helpful?

Women’s skin types change depending on the hormonal cycle and age. I hope you don’t blindly trust your skin type with just one test. I have a very dry skin type myself, but I have been taking good care of it recently, and the amount of oil and moisture in my skin has increased. 😊 I hope you also check your skin type regularly, use skincare products that suit your skin, and make your skin healthier and more beautiful than it is now.

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