Lip Care is the Key to the Charming Lips

Hello! This is leeej from Korea Skin Mall. Today, I’m going to talk about lip care for glamorous lips. Lips are important as they indicate your health status and a charming point. Lips with the right thickness and volume with vivid bright red or reddish color and moisture look healthy and shiny. On the other hand, dry or cracked lips full of fine lines don’t look healthy and reduce your charm.

The lips’ skin is relatively thin, unlike other skin. There are no sebaceous glands like other skin, so the dead skin cells stand out more easily when stimulated by the external environment. What is the secret to creating attractive lips that are moist and lively?

What do I do when I’m worried about dry lips?
The most common cause of dry lips is dry weather. Dry weather causes the moisture in the skin to evaporate quickly, resulting in cracked lips, split skin, scars, or dead skin cells. Some of the other factors that change the lip lines and dry the lips include nutritional deficiencies, reduced immunity due to lack of moisture and skin accumulation, exposure to UV rays, improper cleansing after applying lipstick, and the habit of breathing through the mouth.

How do I keep my lips moist?

1) Make sure always to moisturize your lips
If you feel dry lips after washing your face or in daily life, immediately apply a lip balm or moisturizing product. It also helps to use a lip balm with an SPF 30 or higher to protect your lips from the sun.

2) Make sure to use lipsticks containing oil
Lips need not only moisture but also oil! Most lip care products contain oil. So, when removing the lipstick, remove it thoroughly so that no residue remains.

3) Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water every day
Don’t forget to hydrate your body. (Soft drinks and coffee excluded)

4) Avoid the habit of breathing through the mouth!
If you have a habit of breathing through your mouth, you should change it to breathing through your nose! Breathing through your mouth makes your lips even drier!

5) Don’t put saliva on your lips because it’s dry!
When you put saliva on your lips, the amylase and enzymes in the saliva stimulate your lips to lose moisture, making your lips even drier.

Are your lips getting thicker?
The ratio of beautiful lips may vary by the shape of each face, but the thickness ratio of the upper and lower lip should be about 1:1.5. Also, the lips’ width should be longer than the width of the nose but shouldn’t go over twice the eye width. You may give a dull and uncomfortable impression if your lips are thick. I’ll tell you about the causes of thick lips except for the innate reason.

Causes of thick lips

1) Habit of picking at lip keratin
Your lips become flaky when they are scorched. For women with many old dead skin cells on the lips, the lipstick‘s color doesn’t apply evenly and doesn’t last long, making it look messy. If you keep peeling off these dead skin cells, your lips will become scarred, and bacteria will enter the cracks in your lips, making them thicker. It is essential to moisturize with products such as lip balm rather than forcibly peeling off the dead skin cells.

2) If you have a very protruded mouth
There is a correlation between the thickness of the lips and the chin. If the tip of your chin is receded backward (Wait, that’s me!), the skin of the lip area is pulled from the bottom of the chin, resulting in a valgus shape that makes the lower lip look turned upside down. As a result, the lower lip looks much thicker than the upper lip. Also, a protruded mouth that reveals much gum can make the lips look thicker than they are. If your lips still look too thick even after improving the oral structure through orthodontic treatment, you can consider surgery to reduce the thickness of the lips.

This is my personal opinion, but I think Koreans prefer thicker and bigger lips than their natural lips. That’s why the treatment of using fillers to increase the thickness of the lips is trending. People who already have thick lips seem to consider surgery that can increase the mouth’s width while maintaining the thickness and their cool impressions.

3) Habit of breathing through the mouth
If you continue to breathe through the mouth, the muscles around the lips repeatedly relax, and the muscle gets weak. This causes the lower lip to sag and thicken. Breathe through your nose! Don’t forget this!

Despite constant care, there is no way to change the color or shape of the lips from physically aging and the force of gravity. We often compare attractive lips to cherries. The red or crimson lips like cherry mean that the bright red lip colors look healthy and beautiful. However, the color gradually darkens and becomes dull as you age.

Remember, the most critical thing for attractive lips is to moisturize your lips!

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