KOREA SKIN MALL Tips for using coupons for January 2022!

When you’re curious about Korean beauty products?
BINGO!!! It’s “Korea Skin Mall”!

I’ll tell you how to use the long-awaited January 2022 coupon!

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10% membership coupon and purchase point.

1) For those who are worried about pimples, attention!

[Neulii] You can get AC Clean Saver Serum for free!

What are you doing to my skin!

At Korea Skin Mall, [Neulii] AC Clean Saver Line, which has been tested for acne-prone skin,
[Neulii] AC Clean Saver Serum for free!

Solve acne problems and get serum for free!
Let’s get rid of the troubles together.

This is just a prize! 🎁

2) Soft hair that doesn’t get tangled up.

$11 discount per [Healing Bird] brand product.

It is a “healing bird” famous for its non-washing, spray-type treatment.
It’s an ampoule-type that absorbs quickly and is nutritious!
So you can spray it on dry hair, but if you spray it on wet hair, it absorbs nutrients better.
If your hair is damaged a lot, try using additional oil.~
It’d be better to buy [Healing Bird] Ultra Protein Hair Oil Rich-100ml together, right?

You’ll get 11 dollars off each product.
It’s an excellent opportunity to buy healing bird brands!

But don’t forget that coupons are available for purchases over $110!

3) This is the chance to get rid of blemishes!

[isoi] Blemish Care Up Serum-35ml for $35

Because of COVID-19, staying at home became your daily life, right?
When I don’t see much sunlight!
Let’s take care of blemishes at times like this and get a clear skin tone!

Do you know korea’s famous H&B Store, You know Olive Young, right?
The blemish serum, which has been the No. 1 seller for nine years, is…
[isoi] Blemish Care Up Serum-35ml “!
Buy it for $35.

Try buying it with cosmetics that brighten your skin tone!

New products, Korean brands, are continuously being updated.

What if there is no Korean product you are looking for?
[email protected] Please send me an e-mail~
I’ll make sure to quickly enter the store~

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