KOREA SKIN MALL Tips for using coupons for April 2022!

Hello, everyone!

April has come!🐛🌸🌼🌷🦋
Aren’t you curious about what coupons are prepared?
I’ll help you buy it smartly in April!😉

1) Fast, fast! Free DHL delivery!

DHL continues free shipping following last month!
The product just ran out. Anyone who needs a product urgently?
Usually arrives before a week!!!
Isn’t it great? 😍
Make sure to get a coupon for purchases over $200! Don’t forget to use it!

2) [Dr. Jart+] Cicapair Re-cover $4

Instead of BB cream, it’s a natural tone-up as if it’s my skin🤭
With Centella Asiatica Extract, it calms down your skin!
Put more than $50 in your shopping cart and click Apply Coupon~
[Dr.Jart+] Cicapair Re-cover is available for $4!

3) Fragrant spring, scent, spread!

Become a human perfume and deliver spring to others😀😁🥰
We offer an additional 20% discount on cosmetics with good scents so that you can become a human perfume!
If you want to try scented products, don’t miss this opportunity

Membership registration! You didn’t forget, right?
You will get a 10% coupon and 200 points if you sign up!
If you purchase a product, you will get 1 point for 1 dollar.

New products, Korean brands, are continuously being updated.

What if there is no Korean product you are looking for?
[email protected] Please send me an e-mail~
I’ll make sure to quickly enter the store~

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