NOTICE | TIPS that you must know – ep 1. October Coupon

KOREA SKIN MALL October Coupon Tips!

Hello, everybody?😀
Korea Skin Mall delivers Korean cosmetics to all over the world!

October 2021 is coming to an end!
So that you can use the coupon until the end! I’ll tell you how to use Korea Skin Mall’s coupon for October!

1) If you’re buying it for the first time, don’t forget the membership coupon!

If you sign up for membership, you get it’s issued!
You can get a 10% discount without any date and usage restrictions.

$100 off, $110 off, $110 off!
The more you buy, the better!

This is a secret.

If you use a membership coupon, you’ll get a 10% discount coupon!

2) It’s October, so if you buy more than 100 dollars, you get 10 dollars off.

Tip: Focus on your first purchase in October!

This coupon cannot be used with other coupons.
If you plan to buy more than $100, use the October coupon first!
Use the membership coupon next time, not in October!!

3) If you plan to purchase [isoi] Bulgarian Rose Lip Treatment Balm, which became a fire used by V of BTS?

Get the October Hot Deal coupon!
Coupon allows you to purchase it for $15
You can buy both colors!
It’s $80.40 but you can buy it for $30!

isoi Bulgarian Rose Lip Treatment Balm

4) Get the gift certificate!

In October, when dead skin cells become thicker, five mask sheets will also be presented if you purchase a palm stay baking powder pore scrub.

Don’t forget to take care of your face with a mask sheet so that you can recharge moisture and nutrition after exfoliating!

The most important way to apply the coupon is?!

You can put all the coupons in your shopping basket and apply them to your shopping basket.

Coupons change every month at KOREA SKIN MALL.
Make sure you have a coupon before you buy cosmetics

Let’s Check the coupon benefits

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