The Right Method to Keep Your Hair Healthy
The Right Method to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Isn’t hairstyle one of the most significant things in making up the first impression? Basic hair care is essential to style your hair in a way that suits you well. Today, let’s learn about the proper ways to keep your hair healthy with leeej.

The Right Method to Keep Your Hair Healthy / Proper brushing!

Proper brushing!
Combing 20 to 30 times in the morning and evening helps blood circulation in the scalp and makes it healthy. A healthy scalp would naturally grow healthy hair, right? If you have dandruff, don’t brush too hard. Also, do not comb your hair while it is wet. It is good to choose a comb with a cushion and a rounded tip. Brushing before shampooing your hair removes old dust from the scalp and improves blood circulation to enhance the shampoo effect.

The Right Method to Keep Your Hair Healthy / Moisture and nutrition!

Moisture and nutrition!
Shampooing is best done often. Frequently washing your hair will keep your scalp clean and open up clogged pores. Stimulating the scalp before using shampoo is good for scalp health. It helps with blood circulation, prevents hair loss, and promotes healthy hair. Shampooing within 5 minutes is desirable, and wash the scalp gently like a massage while shampooing. Rinse thoroughly so that no foam or residue is left behind to prevent inflammation of the scalp. We shouldn’t forget to treat our hair with moisture and nourishment! The treatment should not be applied to the scalp! It can clog pores and cause inflammation or hair loss. Make sure just to apply it to your hair.

Seasonal care
During hot summer, exposure to direct sunlight is not good for hair’s health. Wear a UV-coated and well-ventilated hat with a large visor when going out. If it’s hard to wear a hat, be careful not to stand in the sun for long periods of time.

If you leave your hair wet after washing your hair in the cold winter, the cold air freezes the cuticle layer of your hair. In the process of freezing and melting, the hair loses its elasticity and waterproofness and becomes damaged.

If you want to have the color and style you want, don’t forget that caring for healthy hair is a must.

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