Today’s new product
The Goodal Soothing Cica After Shave Toner Pad For Man

If you are a man with sensitive skin, please try using it once.
A new product for the men who have the sensitive skin which has been receiving the stimulation because of the shaving that is repeated everyday was launched. I intend to talk about the Soothing Cica After Shave Toner Panner that was launched this time at Goodal. The everyday lives of the men that get repeated every day- the shaving. What if the skin stimulation that was created after a shave has been left alone? The face that becomes dry and crisp day by day. If the shaving mark that became varicolored is a worry, let us try using the Goodal Soothing Cica After Shave Toner Pad For Man.

The Goodal After Shave Toner Pad is a big-sized toner pad with the size of 8cm that takes care of the skin that has become sensitive after the shaving. After washing the face or shaving, with the embossing side, along the direction of the skin texture, after cleaning softly, let us try using by absorbing as if we are knocking. By changing the alcohol, which is the main culprit of the stinging to the plant-derived alcohol, which is a sugar cane-derived alcohol, the stimulation after the shaving was reduced.

When using as an alternative of the toner, as if cleaning the flat side on the opposite side of the pad, either by tidying the skin texture or by putting above the part that had become sensitive by receiving the stimulation after the shaving, it is good to use it, too, as a pack.