About Us

We are Korea Skin Mall, a Korean brand dedicated to distributing the best of Korean products globally. We operate with the goal of conveying Korea’s popular beauty culture to the rest of the world.
Ever wondered why Koreans always look so youthful? It’s because both Korean men and women use their locally made skincare products a lot, which is what we are dedicated to selling you. Our locally made products are genuine and have over the years managed to gain product stability in the global skincare market. They will nourish your skin and leave it nice and supple.
They penetrate deep into your skin layers and give you long-lasting results and radiant complexion.
Korea Skin Mall products are mostly used by customers in their early 20s to early 40s who genuinely want to keep their skin healthy and glowing. We have proven the success of our products in Korea and only sell the most popular ones to our customers. They have been tried and will cause no harm to the user. The Korean cosmetics are steeped in a great tradition of nice, gentle formulations avoiding chemicals that are harsh and drying to the skin.
We use biodegradable packaging products to shield our unique products as we ship them world-wide demonstrating our care for the environment while we help you look after your skin. We believe the earth is here for us to protect it as we live in it too.
To us, the customers come first and as such, we offer them only the best services alongside the cosmetics that are high quality. We ensure different product configurations are done. We have also introduced AI-based product recommendations designed to give our different customers customized recommendations so that they can select the product that best suits their skincare needs.
Korea Skin Mall provides free shipping to customers in every part of the world. This means you get to save when it comes to the delivery of your preferred products. Shopping with us is easy. The process is fast and to appreciate our customers, we offer them different discount services tailored to their individual needs. When you purchase our Korean cosmetics, we also provide you with various coupon payments and ever so often, we have discount events set to help you get the best products for the best prices.
Our Korean cosmetics company assures every customer of safe delivery services. As such, we assure you that whatever cosmetics you purchase, you will be able to receive it and in good time. Shipment processing is completed within just 72 hours after we have received your payment, an assurance that you can start your skincare journey sooner.

Transparent transportation cost structure

“Korea Skin Mall” provides safe delivery services through post office delivery.
Shipment processing will be completed within 72 hours after the payment of the order is completed.


Company nameDOTMATE
Head Office7003, 195, Baengma-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
RepresentativeLEE EUN JUNG
FoundedJuly 06, 2018
BusinessGlobal distribution and marketing platform for K-beauty and life products

Our Vision

Sharing Culture

Korea Skin Mall’s vision is to realize customer satisfaction with good products and to produce and supply good natural cosmetics for people.
All Korean products of our company comply with the guidelines set forth in MFDS (mfds.go.kr).
Also, Korean skincare products have the best quality in the world.

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