Mask Sheet

Introduction of Korean Mask Sheet
1. Mask sheets deliver liquid ingredients evenly to the skin over a given period of time, allowing for intensive nutrient supply to the skin.
2. Korean mask sheets offer a variety of products that correspond to various skin problems (moisturizing, soothing, whitening, wrinkle improvement, etc.). This allows consumers to choose the product that suits their skin condition.
3. Mask sheets are easy to use and have the advantage of being able to care for the skin anytime, anywhere. Also, they can be immediately discarded after use, allowing for clean management.
4. Most Korean mask sheets use natural ingredients that do not burden the skin. Therefore, even people with sensitive skin can use them.
5. Korean cosmetic companies continuously research and develop to introduce innovative products. For example, there are various products such as mask sheets of various materials like bio-cellulose, coconut gel, and ampoule masks that intensively supply necessary nutrients to the skin.

Korean Mask Sheet Products▼

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