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I don’t have much skin troubles, but it’s dry from the inside. When I was younger, I used to suffer from atopy, which is no longer a problem, but now my skin always looks dry and crumbly, no matter what moisture creams I use. My skin is basically super dry from deep inside. Dry skin constantly requires supply of both moisture and oil. I don’t get much skin troubles, but it easily becomes wrinkly and dull with dead skin cells. In search of a solution to my skin I tried famous products from Japan and those made by luxury brands. After all, I’m only using the ‘made in Korea’ products introduced by Korea Skin Mall.

People say Koreans have fine skin. I don’t think it is purely because of the genetical reasons of the Asian people. Traditionally, Koreans used natural ingredients like milk and eggs for natural skin care in public baths since the 70s. Whenever there’s a friends-gathering or sleep over at a house, it was common to sit around and share beauty tips with facial care masks on. Also, Koreans take extra care about skin of the babies that it is common that we put creams and lotions from head to toe of a baby every morning and night.

There are many good cosmetic products made in Korea. Yet, it is not only about the quality of product, but also the tendency of Koreans to actively share their thoughts on the products and beauty tips that allows people to easily find the products that will fix individual’s skin problems. Because the feedback from the experiences of various people is taken into consideration in the production of the cosmetic products, there is no doubt on the quality of the products. This I believe is the main reason for Korea to have become a leading country in the global beauty industry.

Surely there isn’t such thing as the perfect cosmetic product.

A person’s skin changes every hour and day, and that’s why it is important to use the right product for the skin condition at the time. I want to communicate with you through Korea Skin Mall, so that you can find the right products for your skin condition to make your skin to healthier. And I hope you will share your experiences through Korea Skin Mall to make it a platform where everyone can find the solution for healthy skin.

Let’s communicate in Korea Skin Mall.

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