200% Guaranteed Effectiveness, Gua Sha Massage Use Tip!

How to use gua sha massage to quickly reduce swelling
If you wake up looking chubbier than you actually are, pay attention! We’ll show you how to quickly manage swelling so you can get more than just a diet effect.

Useful Use Method of Gua Sha

  1. Start after relaxing your muscles with some simple stretches. Then the circulation effect will go UP!
  2. Transform your home into a luxury hotel spa using incense & yoga music together!

Be sure to equip a sponge to wipe off oils, creams, etc., after the massage

#Daily full-body circulation management
Wood Gua Sha: Aromatica Dolphin Face & Body Massager & [TOUN28] Sandal Wood Gua Sha

The smooth curves and lightweight use feel of the wood make it easy for anyone to use.

Useful for sweeping large areas without pressure. The lightweight material makes it easy to massage over clothes. It is best for pressing acupressure points with the points on either end or sweeping sensitive lymph nodes lightly.

If you’re new to using gua sha or are usually prone to bruising and pain, we recommend wood gua sha.

[Wood Gua Sha Use Tip]

  • Before using, apply a generous amount of oil to the gua sha and let it soak in evenly to smooth out the wood surface.
  • It is very vulnerable to moisture and should not be stored in the bathroom
  • Dry it sufficiently after use and replace it preferably every three to four months.

#Body & Cellulite Concentrated Management
Ceramic Gua Sha : [BELLROWS] Ceramic Gua Sha & [Flona X ChoiMona] Ceramic Gua Sha
It’s made of ceramic fired at a high temperature, giving it the right amount of weight. It has a good grip and is great for massaging large areas with little effort.

It is the most suitable type for loosening tight muscles and tackling cellulite, helping to visibly slim down the chunky upper body figure (especially polymastia around the underarms).

[Body Line Gua Sha Use TIP]
When managing cellulite and circulation: It is very important to loosen the lymph nodes in each area together.
Pay caution to force adjustment: Using too much force can cause inflammation of muscles, ligaments, etc.

!Do not use on acne-prone skin
Gua sha, which can help loosen tight muscles by massaging the skin and releasing blocked wastes, can be a poison to those with acne-prone skin. This is because it can stimulate the oil glands and cause more oil to be discharged.

Keep the gua sha you used clean for healthy skin care.

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