The only thing you need for the autumn skincare
The scorching summer heat is gone now. But, the cold wind welcoming winter tells us that we are already late to be excited about the new season.

# Skin troubles caused by the cold wind during the in-between seasons

During the in-between seasons, skin starts to dry, lose elasticity and become rough. Blemishes and enlarged pores are another skin concern people have after summer. If you have a hard time comparing this and that of cosmetics, despite having various cosmetic lines for each skin problem, try using the products that I recommend.

If you are stressed about enlarged pores,
Dr. Jart+ Pore Remedy cosmetic lines will ease your stress

If hiding enlarged pores caused by over-released oil and sebum in summer has been the only solution you had, I recommend Dr. Jart+ Pore Remedy line for your pores and skincare.

Dr. Jart+ Pore Remedy line is composed of serum for removing dead skin cells, primer to smoothly fill up pores and bumps, and a mud mask. The optimal technology for pore and skin texture cares, tri-retex technology, is applied on all products. It is a one-stop skincare line for pore and skin texture care.   

If you need extra treatment for your pores, use a handy sheet of PHA mint mask. For your daily skincare routine, thoroughly blend serum over your face on top of toner after washing your face. Lastly, if you apply pore primer before sunscreen and the base makeup, the foundation will not be stuck onto the pores, and you can have a smooth skin texture

Visible loss of skin elasticity?
Bring back the youth using the Goodal Apricot Collagen line!

Goodal Apricot Collagen line is made from nutritious apricots harvested by the master hands. The product was perfected using Goodal’s unique vegan-certified liposome formulation method. It is a base cosmetic for elasticity, specially created to deliver nutrition onto the skin more effectively. It was tested on human skin and proven effective for revitalizing skin’s elasticity after 4 weeks. It is a highly effective skincare item for restoring skin elasticity.

As an effective cosmetic for skin elasticity care, it has a firm finish. Both products have non-sticky textures. They are easily absorbed by the skin to give your skin immediate softness and firmness. If you want to have firm skin, just like the fresh of juicy apricots, try using ampoule and cream of Goodal Apricot Collagen line.

If you are concerned about pores and skin elasticity, make a systematized skin routine using the cosmetics from the products above. I hope this posting will help you resolve your concerns about pore and skin elasticity. The cosmetics will have synergy when used together. Make your skin healthy using the recommended cosmetics, each made for a different effect.

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