Do you need after sun care,
a face stimulated by strong UV rays?
after sun care, Read tips to help keep dull, dry skin young.

The best way to avoid sunburn is with the use of a good sun screen.

The worst feeling in the world, especially during summer time, is waking up after spending all day at beach and realizing that you are burnt from head-to-toe. A lot of people don’t know how harmful this can be until it’s too late but now there are many ways for those who want some relief without going under doctor care or using any medicine whatsoever!

There are so many remedies out there such as Aloe Vera gel which may help ease your discomfort overnight when applied correctly before bedtime (depending on severity).

What is a good product to use after Sun Care?

[THE FACE SHOP] Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel(Tube)-300ml

Formulated with 99% aloe vera extract and 9 other soothing herbs like chamomile and sage, this gel instantly hydrates and soothes dry, sensitive skin while restoring its moisture level. 

Sourced from the pristine Korean island of Jeju, known for its fertile volcanic soil and lush flora, south of the Korean peninsula, aloe is not only a natural wonder, but also a natural skin soother.

• Infused with 9 other soothing herb extracts: chamomile, spearmint, lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, bergamot, basil, sage and oregano
• Non-sticky absorption

[Farm stay] It’s Real Aloe Gel Mist-120ml

The jelly formulation essence. The moment you touch the skin, the moist mist!

Soothing and moisturizing skin at once with instant moisture!
The jelly-type essence is sprayed with moist moisture mist to deliver instant moisture to my skin and deliver quick soothing and moisturizing. It is a gel mist type that has higher moisture retention than liquid type mist, so you can lightly moisturize and replenish your skin without stickiness or stuffiness.

[JMsolution] Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Eye Patch-60ea

An intensive eye care with marine energy of deep sea water from Gangwon Province and supple hydrogel eye patch that gives fresh moisture and nourishment. Freshness of Deep Sea Water – The essence enriched with abundant marine energy and deep sea water deliever freshness and comfort to the easily tired eye areas.

Deep Moisturizing Essence & Hydrogel Sheet
Moisture essence and hydrogel sheet provides concentrated moisture care to the skin, to make firm and supple eye area.

Wrinkle Improvement
Contains multiple wrinkle improving ingredients.

[MEDIHEAL] N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask Ex.-10ea

Aquaring Ampoule Mask uses N.M.F (Natural Moisture Factor) that helps provide and instantly moisturizing the skin.
It tightens loosen pores, regulates sebum as well as provide abundance moisture.
It also contains hyaluronic acid & ceramide, ingredients that have excellent power of locking water in the skin.
Long-term use can solve any allergies caused by dry-skin.

which makes this mask 3 times more effective than average products.

[Farm stay] Cica Farm Nature Solution Eye Patch-90g(60sheets)

Hydrogel eye patch contains centella asiatica extract and various natural ingredients to help nourish the skin around the eyes and makes the skin elastic and moisturized with sodium hyaluronate.

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