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Makeup for Cockle-Like Eyes Cosmetics
‘Cockle-Like Eyes’ Can you guess what it is? It’s a neologism that refers to features of Asian people’s eye shape. And it’s very hot keyword on social network. It’s a mixed word using cockle and eyes and means eye shape which looks short and with its inner and outer corner closed. So, the makeup for Cockle-Like Eyes’ has been sought after these days.

Let’s find out hot eye makeup products that give you some tricks to elongate your eyes.

[3CE] Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette #Smoother-8.1g

Seamless Sebum Control
Pure, Translucent Color Payoff

[THE FACE SHOP] Ink Graffi Liquid Eyeliner-5.5g

lasts all day.
Micro nib brush 0.05~0.2mm size

[CLIO] Pro Eye Palette 02 Brown Choux

to create long-lasting payoff in one stroke.
A dual-end brush is included for a precise application.

[espoir] Real Quad Palette Orange Fever-7.3

most loved/bestseller eye shadows of Espoir
perfect for your daily makeup
long lasting thanks to its Vaseline component

[too cool for school] Artist Vegan Brush

100% certified vegan: Handle made from the wood of ash tree, soft artificial hair and reusable ferrule.
Sanitary brush: Doesn’t cultivate bacteria
Uses compostable wood and recyclable materials
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